We generally only like to post/create original stuff like t-shirts, videos and fresh perspective.  Every once in a while we read something we feel necessary to pass on.   We wish this video was never created and we don’t support anything like this, but we are going to show you it.  Seriously this doesn’t even look fun, and why not just fish at some hatchery pond if this is what you are into.

You have our friend Dub to thank for the video.
I found it on his blog a week or two ago. Seriously Dub the Thorax (Real name Mike but we call him Dub) is a cool guy with a sweet blog.  He is superb behind the vice and you should definitely check out his fly shop page.  

Now that local stocking is in full swing and people are getting excited to battle fish on crowded banks I thought I would post it.  This dude is not cool and I almost feel bad about sending him more views.  If you chum for trout you are a tool.  Whatever….Sorry if this ruins your day.  Isn’t your method of fishing so much better, interesting, exhilarating, creative and engaging?
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  1. Chumming in most states is illegal for good reason, it causes the fish to stop feeding on their natural prey and rely on the man made food. In heavily chummed waters trout get to depend on handouts to a point where they can't survive the winter.

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