NOT COOL DUDE: The Anti-Fly Guy

His page is called PA’s Wild Trout and the description is: “A page dedicated to the most beautiful trout on the planet.”  Don’t get me wrong, our browns are great and very beautiful but apparently he never saw a colored out cutthroat, or an old Maine brookie or wild browns from everywhere or anywhere else.  PA holds no claim to the most beautiful trout on the planet even as beautiful as they are.  It is strange to see a wild trout page loaded with stocking pictures…just seems ironic.
If you read his stuff he sounds bitter toward fly fisherman.  So either some of you were jerks and out-fished him, or he ran into one of those guys we think are jerks (the same arrogant elitist guys we can’t stand) or he doesn’t really know how to use a fly rod for its intended purpose…or maybe all three.
Feel free to clarify Matt  ( his name is Matt Truesdale)- we would love to hear your story man.  Maybe it’s legit.  Do whatever you want to do, but stop acting like a clown with all the anti-fly fishing drama.  
The video below is from his page and is shot on Spring Creek   I am sure Matt is a cool guy, just misguided and maybe bitter.

On a side note…we had another 100 fish day on Spring Creek yesterday and will post about it soon and show you some of the gorgeous colors PA wild brown trout can adorn.

Here is  Matt’s Video.

If you are interested in learning how to fly fish we are here to help you out.  We know it can be intimidating, BUT with some proper instruction you will pick it up in no time.  Don’t be like this guy and slow down your learning process.

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