NOT COOL DUDES…Fish poachers suck.

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CROs don’t take kindly to poachers.  Just this past year Bobby and Luke stood down some belligerent guys throwing illegal bait from their spinning rods on a delayed harvest designated section of water.  If you run into this check to see if they are misinformed fishers. You should inform them of their illegal activity and if they aren’t completely apologetic then further action is needed.  Immediately call your local fish commission.   Some streams even have illegal bait reporting numbers like the Tully: Contact the County Dispatch at 610 655-4911; then ask for unit 875. This is the Fish and Boat Commission Office and will respond 24/7  *see bellow for link to PA reporting numbers.

Here are some NOT COOL DUDES:

The following is from a Michigan news/blog/forum website:

Officers Mike Bomay and Sgt. Scott Wilk caught a guy netting steelhead on a closed Newaygo County stream. According to their report, the man was quite despondent after getting busted. The reason: His illegal fishing excursion was his way of celebrating being released from the Kent County jail the day before.

Officer Troy VanGelderen caught a man using a gaff to take steelhead out of an Oceana County trout stream. The guy begged the conservation officer to let him keep the gaff, saying it had sentimental value. Turns out the guy had used the same gaff in 1988, he was arrested him for snagging fish on another stream.
Officers Matt Theunick and Sgt. Greg Drogowski saw a guy hide a fish in his truck after hauling it out of the Pigeon River. The officers investigated and found a 22-inch closed season brown trout in a bag, hidden under a bunch of other stuff, in the bed of the truck. It gets better. The guy had six prior DNR arrests, most of which were for fishing violations, according to the report. Some people never learn.

Have you ever run into idiots like this?

PA Fish And Boat Law Enforcement Link (with phone numbers.)

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  1. Last weekend I fished Twentymile Creek and ran into a poor example of a fisherman. There we're two guys with noodle rods occupying a pool right in front of the access. Both were using trebles hooks loaded with split shot to snag steelhead. What really ticked me off was when the fish stopped swimming by their line one of them would throw a rock into the pool to stir up the fish. It became impossible to fish downstream as every minute or do you'd hear a big bang from the rocks and all the fish would scatter.  I was prepared to call them in to the game warden but although NY has a dedicated fisheries hotline I could not find PA.  Hopefully more people will report these poachers and we'll see less access issues.  Good job on the very informative article. 

  2. Wow those dudes suck. Thanks for sharing. Here is the # for the regional office fish and boat law enforcement team for North West Pa. Telephone: (814) 337-0444 Next time give them a call.

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