Simms Relevancy

Full disclosure, I am partially bias in regards to Simms.  But I wasn’t always.  Their gear won me over.  It took abusing a pair of Simms boots…boots that took a huge beating, to win me over.  It seemed for a while Simms was loosing relevance when the majority of the people (at least in my area) wearing it were old, cranky and more into staying clean than catching fish.  Now their gear is abused by some of the toughest guides in the world on a daily basis, their catalog (online version found here) dons pictures of bearded tough guys throwing line, tattooed salt junkies stripping line and some of the raddest women in fly fishing.  What drives the Simms’ drift boat is their incredible and innovative gear.  It is undeniably incredible stuff.  Oh yeah and then there is this…

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