Tie One On Complete: The Highlights

There were so many great things about this event it’s hard to wrap my head around it.  So here are some of my (Josh’s) highlights:

Fly Fishers are generally great people to hang out with.  It is true there are cranky, elitist jerks who snub their noses at anyone found fishing on”their river.”  But they are by far the exception.

The FOOD…nuff said.

I absolutely love hanging out with the CRO guys: Bobby Wolfgang and Luke Ott.  They are what make this so much fun.  They are incredible with a fly rod, just as good with a vise and more importantly they are two of my best friends.  They did an incredible job today helping people, demo tying, and working the CRO table.  They define what it means to be a CRO!

It was great hanging out with Dean Myers, an incredibly creative tier and a great guy.  If you want to buy his flies.  Check his stuff out here.

Tyler Frantz from Natural Pursuit Outdoors is an incredible event organizer.  Love you man!

So happy that a father and son won the full day CRO guided fly fishing trip.  Can’t wait to spend some time with these awesome people on a stream, slamming it catch.release.repeat style.

Any time spent with Bruce Shneck and his TU buddies is a good time.  Can’t wait to sit across from him and soak up his vast knowledge and passion for the sport I love in the future.  The guy has forgotten more than I know about fly tying!

The absolute highlight of the day was this:  My daughter, a fly tying kid through and through, showed up late to the event and was working on her first unassisted caddis larva flies when Bob Clauser Jr (THE Bob Clauser Jr: who was an incredible presenter – funny, skilled beyond belief on a vise and a very good teacher) was making his way out of the building, saw my daughter and gave her the two Clauser Minnows he tied during the demo. She was so pumped when she showed me, and wants to put them “on display” in the house.  Sweet.  Bob if you read this post thank you.  Your kindness to my child (who you didn’t even know belonged to me) is an example of why I love the fly fishing community so much! You are a great man sir!

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