Top Ten Signs That Guy in the Parking lot is a Tool

You tried to avoid him because you just knew how it would turn out.  But despite your best efforts to throw your waders on or off in record speed somehow he caught up to you and now you have to listen to his nonsense until you either hit the water or close the car door.  We all have had our ears bent off by some ridiculous ramblings from a fellow (term used loosely) fisher.  So here are the top ten signs that the guy in the parking lot is a tool.  Use these signs to avoid him at all costs.  If avoidance is unavoidable…well then…good luck to you.

10.  That guy insists that there are never any holdovers in a stream you catch holdovers in every year.  Apparently his 30 years of experience don’t make up for his uneducated understanding of fish survival rates and stream ecosystems.  Showing this guy evidence is a waste of time. He knows more than you.   
9.  That guy asks you how you did and you tell him you caught a few bows and a few browns he laughs at you and says, “there are no browns in this stream.”
8.  That guy runs up to you to tell you “The Fish Warden is coming, watch out.”  When  you say “GOOD” he rolls up his window and tears out of the lot.
7.  That guy asked you how you did and before you can get a word out he starts to tell you about every bug he saw and fish he missed.  
6.  That guy has 3 steelhead on a stringer and starts complaining to you about the lack of fish in the river.
5.  That guy’s dog pisses on your waders.
4.  That guy looks smugly at you and your trucker hat, disgusted by your presence at “his stream.”
3.  That guy talks really loud so everyone can be blessed by his wealth of information.
2.  That guy’s rod cost more than your car and he is going to tell you about it.
1.  That guy struts around like he is God’s gift to fishing.
Don’t be THAT GUY!

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