What the…healthy fish and Herron

This holdover rainbow, caught and quickly released in a local DH section of a popular stream, recently did battle with a Heron (at least they are the usual guilty parties for back or high side wounds on fish in these streams.)  Usually the wounds are healed and scarred by the time they land in the net but this fish is still in the healing process.  It looks awful but the fact that these wounds (not just black spotting) have turned black is a good sign.  It means they are healing.  The black spotting is comparable to the human scab.  No, not the tool who steals flies from your box when your not looking…an actual scab.  If you catch a fish like this try to release it fast and be careful not to touch or especially rub the wound. Disturbing the healing process could cause a bacterial infection that could be fatal to the fish.

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