Crushed Review: Brodin Landing Nets

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Brodin Landing Net Review: Reviewed by Luke

For Company Info on Brodin nets (and to learn more about the company itself) CLICK HERE
Frame: Brodin offers a variety of different frames for all fishing situations.  I have the Gallatin for my all around trout fishing and the Cut Float Tube (both Ghost Series) for those situations when a longer reach is needed.  Both of these frames are sleek & sexy.  The quality of the wood and craftsmanship of these frames is very evident and you will certainly look good landing those fish.  Each Frame has a small metal loop that is neatly attached to the butt of the handle.  This is perfect to attach the provided clip to your magnetic net release. Each of these nets has Brodin’s beautiful mayfly logo engraved in the handle.
Net Bag: Both of my nets are from the Ghost Series so they both come with their ghost bags.  These bags are lightweight, thermoplastic rubber nets.  They eliminate the extremely annoying and frustrating problem of getting your flies stuck in the netting.  No longer will you be ruining flies or putting holes in your net due to this, all to common, problem.  More importantly, these nets are safe on fish.  The ghost bags will not remove the protective slime from fish, they allow you to quickly and safely remove hooks and release fish with minimal time out of water and minimal stress on the fish.  I will never use a net again without one of these bags!
Variety: As I mentioned, I only have two different styles of Brodin’s Frames, but they offer a huge variety of frames that are perfect for every stream and type of fishing you might do.
Pricing: In the past I was never able to bring myself to spend a large sum of money on a net.  I found myself replacing cheap net after cheap net and I was constantly getting frustrated with my flies getting caught in those nets.  I finally brought myself to purchase a quality net.  They offer a few different lines of quality nets (and a large variety of styles in each line) in different price ranges… anyone of them is worth the investment.  ALSO, if you don’t have the spare cash and you already have a good frame… you can purchase Brodin’s Ghost bag to replace your old one.  These bags range in price (depending on size) from $23 – $28.  Brodin Landing nets are worth the money, and with the option to just replace your bag with a quality ghost bag there is no need to complain about pricing!  These are definitely worth the purchase!

Notes: I highly recommend Brodin Landing Nets.  These nets are not just beautiful… they provide a safe way of landing your fish, and Brodin is aware of our toll on the environment.  They are taking steps to ensure that they leave a small footprint.  Check out their website to learn more about them and buy yourself some nets while you are there!

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  1. Hey John! I actually purchased the Brodin Stealth carbon fiber net a year or so ago and love it. It is extremely light and practically indestructible. Brodin’s new bag material is definitely a big improvement as well. It is extremely soft and doesn’t yellow or harden like their older bags did. I highly recommend this net.

    Tight lines!

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