Mohawk Luke and Papa Randy take a nap.

Let’s just say it is day 6th of a week long trip.  Your nights have been filled with too much fun and the alarm has been tugging you out of bed at 4 am each morning.  You endure…because it’s only a week, because sleep isn’t as important as fishing, because the brookies are just so sweet.  Seriously, by day six you are so exhausted you feel sick.  Sleep has become a sign of weakness yet you need it so badly.  The drives to the stream can be endured because the pull of the water is so strong.  The drives back are horrific battles waged with your eyelids.  Day 6 is rough and what you really need is the support from your traveling partners.  You need them to talk you through it…plot out day 7, tell some stories of some sick fish.  You don’t need your fishing buddies to zonk out on you.  So, not cool!

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