Pick it Up Jerk! Everyday is Earth Day

No you’re not a jerk…unless you litter…then you are.

My kids are bringing home trees this week.  It’s cute.  They mostly die after being planted unable to overcome the traumatic bus trip home with roots wrapped in a damp paper towel and stored in a plastic sandwich bag.  I am , however, very glad they teach our kids to care about our environment.  You should care too.  So this weekend instead of planting a tree, clean up a stream.  Sure take your rod with you, fish a little…or fish a lot, but bring a bag and pick up any trash you find. 
Because for us…those who throw line over some of God’s most beautiful work…every day is freaking earth day.  Keep it clean people!

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  1. I am new to PA… and have discovered some beautiful streams… and almost without fail, I return back to the truck with my net full of beer cans and Mt. Dew bottles. What is it with the Mt. Dew demographic that reaches people that go streamside, then chuck it?


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