TOP TEN: The Warm Weather Crowd

Warm weather will find you sharing some of your favorites spots with more people than normal.  Steelheaders are used to this…but for the trout guys and gals this can be a frustrating change from the tranquility of winter fishing.  Here are my top ten ways to deal with the crowds that gather on streams when the weather breaks.  

10.  Walk.  Parking is usually in close proximity to popular fishing holes.  Stretch you legs and find some water away from the crowds.  If you are fishing water that is stocked it would be good to know if they float stocked it…so call the fish commission in your area to find out.

9.  Expect people.  I always laugh at the creaky dude who somehow expected to have a stretch on “his stream” all to himself.  When people start showing up so does his passive aggressive temper tantrum.  

8.  Clear your mind.  It may be harder with other people fishing closer than you would like but relax and enjoy the bit of water you get to stand in.  You don’t have to be all alone to relax.

7.  Go lighter and smaller on hard fished water.  Drop a tippet size and try some smaller flies.

6.  Hit the vise.  If you tie…try some variations of flies you know are popular on the stream you are planning to fish. 

5.  Be helpful.  So many flyfishers are but some aren’t.  If your neighbor lands a nice fish offer to take a picture for them.  

4.  Concentrate on your mend.  Pressured  fish have seen it all.  Your drift needs to be good.

3.  Ask.  If you are going to be fishing in close proximity to other people it is common courtesy to ask if you are moving into their drift.

2.  Avoid the crowd.  The after work crowd often shows up between 3 and 5.  Cut out of work early.


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