Try some new fresh water

Keep your fly fishing experience fresh by trying some new water.  Hitting the same stream everyday can be fun and you will intimately get to know the stream in a way that few others will ever experience.  Unfortunately, the excitement of exploration is quickly lost.  Exploring a new stream is incredible.  You have the challenge of figuring the stream out, finding the fish, finding the bugs…it is an exploration.  Often in a new environment our senses are peaked.  We are more alert, taking in more of our surroundings and paying more attention which can be invigorating.  

So why not try something new.  Test yourself and stretch yourself.  Here are some tips to get started.

  • Research. If you are reading this you have an internet connection.  Which means you have enough material available to you to find some great streams within driving distance.  Google search.  Take notes.  Click Print. 
  • Google earth.  Take a look at some maps to get a feel for the flow and features of the stream you are planning to fish.
  • Ask Around.  Fly Fishers are some of the most helpful, selfless people you will ever meet.  Its part of the reason we love the fly fishing community so much.  If you know someone who fly fishes why not ask them if they ever fished it and if they have any advice.
  • Find the local fly shop.  If it’s a good trout stream it will usually have a good fly shop nearby.  Why not stop in, pic up a couple flies, ask about the hatches and get friendly with the staff.  Be a customer.  No one wants to give out free information to someone who won’t even spend a buck or two in their shop.
  • Fish it.  Nothing can compare to just getting your feet wet in the stream.  So get to it and get in it.
  • Flip a rock.  One of the first things you should do upon reaching a stream is to turn a rock over to see what bug life exists in the stream.

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