Beware of the Beavers

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Have you ever been attacked by a beaver?  I wasn’t bitten…but one tried to slap the crap out of me one day on the Kennebago in Maine for accidentally getting between it and the hole it was trying to get into.  

Let me tell you those tails pack a punch.  I spent the next 5 minutes fending it off with my fly rod while trying to get out from between it and its hole. 

A 60 year old man in Belarus was recently killed by a beaver.  He was on his way to fish when he saw the furry little thing and wanted his buddies to snap a picture of him.  The beaver proceed to bite the guy several times clipping an artery in his leg.   The full article is on Huffington Post.  
This one is free…don’t try to pick up beavers for impromptu photo ops.   

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