PreTrippin’: Top Ten Rituals

It’s prep week for our annual excursion to Maine.  Here are my-top ten pre-trip rituals.

10.  Speed tie an enormous amount of flies. (It is amazing how fast I get when time demands it.)
9.  Call Luke to tell him the local weather reports are looking real bad.
8.  Go to a fly shop, get some crap and forget to purchase the main thing I went to the shop for in the first place.
7.  Create a list of things to take and then proceed to lose the list and wing it.
6.  Call Luke again to tell him the weather looks fine but the fishing will suck because…(fill in ridiculous reasoning here).
5.  Ask everyone if they have everything they need….then add “Ehhhh…I don’t think I will be able to tie you any flies, my own box isn’t full yet.”
4.  Send a must have fly list out, with the disclaimer that these may or may not work.
3.  Find backup waders thrown in a decoy bag somewhere from a last minute duck hunt last fall.
2.  Pack all of my gear into a huge container and then justify taking said huge container because it has all my gear in it.
1.  Enjoy my family and forget about ruining the week worrying about a trip that will be fun no matter what happens or what is forgotten.
Bonus: Check water levels one more time and panic.

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