The BROOD II Watch

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Check out Luke’s Cicada Post to get yourself up to speed.

I self admittedly am nervously anticipating the emergence of the 17 year Cicada Hatch…The Brood II.  I find myself worried and asking myself stupid questions:
Will I miss it?
Will we be in Maine when it hits?
What’s the ground temperature in the root system at 6 to 8 inches deep?
Why haven’t I tied any of these up yet?
What if it’s a flop?
What if I can’t find them?
Am I being ridiculous?

These questions have driven me crazy on some days, but they have also led me to some great information which I will share with you now.

map via

The key to this map can be found here.  The symbols show reported (some verified, some not) sightings of the last Brood II hatch.  It is also the map used to predict the emergence of these Cicadas again this year.

Also Merry Christmas from the CRO.  Below is an up to date Cicada tracker on which people submit reports on bug sightings.  Your Welcome.  Visit Project Cicada for more information.  

Don’t forget to record all of your fishing or sightings and email them to us.  This could be epic.
Cicada Fly Patterns coming soon!

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