5wt Shootout Results from Yellowstone Angler

These guys do probably the most unbiased, thorough, cut the crap rod review I have ever seen.  Since we love this kind of stuff I thought I would pass it on to all of you.  This year they reviewed 5 weights and it is worth your time to read the whole article.  
*Full disclosure I am a loop guy so I was more than excited to see the Loop Opti Stream 5wt crushing so many other rods.  Yeah we didn’t get first but a close second in this crowd is a big win.  Plus they weren’t graded on coolness…which I feel would push the Loop rod at least into tie for first (it does have have an entire army behind it after all #looparmy)
Anyway read this article before you even think about picking up a new five weight.  Make sure to check out the Yellowstone Angler for other crazy reviews.
via www.yellowstoneangler.com

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