A Change of Plans…

For months Greg Wood, our good friend and fellow guide, and I have been trying to coordinate a trip and finally fish together.  Very different work and vacation schedules have made this harder than anticipated.  Whether it was a trip to the Erie Tribs or Salmon River for some chrome, or to a local stream, we just couldn’t manage to find some common time.  

The stars aligned and yesterday we had planned on drifting the Lehigh River.  It even worked out for our Media Machine Ryan to make the trip from Philly to join us.  Finally, we were going to get out and throw some flies around! 

A torrential downpour Thursday evening had something different in mind.  Despite watching the water levels slowly rise to dangerous levels we were still determined to get our lines wet.  We hooked the trailer up Friday morning and made the drive to the boat ramp only to find the Lehigh River looking more like Willy Wonka’s chocolate river.  A phone call to a connection on the Delaware River proved more of the same.  

Feeling defeated we drove back to the shop trying to think of a Plan C.  We could not think of a stream that wasn’t completely blown out.  In a last ditch effort to try to save the day, we decided to make the hour and a half drive in the opposite direction to Clarks Creek.  

The normally gin clear water of Clarks Creek was a little cloudy from the storm, providing us with a slight advantage over the typically spooky fish.  We also had the entire stream to ourselves and were able to spend the rest of the day roaming freely throughout the entire stretch of stream.  Despite our start, we were able to save the day and had a great time. 

Looking forward to getting back out with our buddy Greg and hopefully it will be a little easier next time!  

-Tight Lines-

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