Don’t try to fish around the storm.

Many of us justify staying in or on the water as storms approach. We always have a little more time right?  I have waited out lightning storms under trees next to streams. I have crossed rivers “in between” bolts and I have fished in storms telling myself “it isn’t here yet.” I know…typing those sentences makes me feel like an idiot.  But somehow, in the moment, my focus on the fishing clouds reasonable judgement, which is pretty foolish considering the stakes…your life or a couple more fish. The guy in this article was doing what many of us do, fishing around a storm.  Unfortunately it ended about as bad as it can end.  Jonathon D. Olisio and his buddies waited out the rain and then began fishing on the Kaskaskia River.  When the storm intensified they packed up but it was too late and a bolt of lightning took Jonathon’s life. 
It is important for us to understand and respect lightining storms.  Especially since lightning can strike 10 miles ahead of or behind what we think is “the storm.”  This article shows that fisherman are at the top of the list when it comes to death by lightning.  With storms blowing through every evening in many parts of the country this time of year…be careful.

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