Not Cool Dude: Record Breaker Caught and Killed

JAMES POULSON — Daily Sitka Sentinel via AP

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Henry Leibman caught a 200 year old rock fish that he pulled in from the depths of the Alaska Coast.  At 39.08 lbs it is not only one old fish but it is the largest rock fish ever caught.  Henry was fishing 900 ft deep 10 miles off the coast.  This fish is so old it was patrolling Alaska when Alaska still belonged to Russia. Pass the Smirnoff Vladimir this beast is a big one…and it’s dead. Henry promptly boated the fish and drove it home where it was certified by the Alaska Game Commission.  Henry plans on hanging this fish on his wall where he can delight in its beauty every day.  I hope the crazy eyes of that thing haunt him.  Replicas = you get your trophy and the fish gets to swim…it is win -win.  Measurements, weights, pictures are all you need to get it in the record books and to get a replica of your trophy hung on a wall.  After 200 years of swimming it would have been nice to know that this beast would be dying of old age.  “Catch.Release.Repeat.” isn’t just a cool saying it is a lifestyle. 
Read more about the catch here on msn and here on Sitka Sentinel. 

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