Break out of the Vice Slump

Vice slumps happen.  If you tie enough flies through the year you will go through periods when you just feel disconnected from the past time you enjoy.  Your temper with uncooperative materials will get short, you will start seeing double after far to few ties, the beer won’t taste as good, and you will find the whole process a little less stimulating for your brain.  Eventualy this will lead to you seeking some stimulation elsewhere, leaving your seat at the vice for a more comfortable chair.  Sure you’ll think about going back.  You might even think about it every night but you just won’t be able to bring yourself to cross the threshold.
Been there.
Here is how you can break through the slump.

  • Stop tying for other people and tie for yourself.
  • Its time to root through your fly box…get them out, sort through the flies, reorganize. Nothing can get a fly tier’s mind back in the game like sorting through and reorganizing fly boxes.
  • If that last one didn’t work, then proceed to buy some new fly boxes.  Empty fly boxes seem to drive tiers to fill them.  It is an unexplainable pull.
  • Experiment with your most productive fly.  Play around with simple variations.  Because you are using a very productive fly you won’t feel like you are wasting your time and you may come up with your new go to.

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