Drift Off and Plan It

It has been a while since all three of us (Bobby, Luke and I) have been together standing in a stream.  I missed them. Is that lame? Making time to fish is not a problem for us as individuals, it is trying to cram all our schedules together that presents the challenge. Nonetheless as you read this, we are wading through Spring Creek in PA catching wild brown trout on small nymphs.  Don’t be mad.  We wish you weren’t in your stuffy office either.  Fly fishing helps us deal with all the nonsensical stress work (and the people around work) create. As some crazy bearded dude once said on a staged but funny TV show about duck calls. “Worry will kill your soul! Attack it!“*
So while you are in your office listening to someone complain just because…because…well… they are those kind of people, check your brain out of the conversation.  Imagine being here or any stream for that matter.  And while you daydream of bugs and drifts and riffles, pockets and dancing fish start planning your next adventure.

Salmon in New York will be here before you know it.
Big Browns and Steelhead in Erie (or New York) will shortly follow.
The solitude of fall and winter Trout fishing should also not be overlooked.

The weather will lighten up and you need to make time to get back in the water.  It will be good for your soul.
Like today is good for my soul.

*That would be Jase Robertson from the show Duck Dynasty on A&E

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