Longing for Cooler Waters

Old Faithful

Ever since I started fishing I have dreamed of owning a Loop set up, and I knew that one day my dream would come true.  After years of fishing with my Orvis Clearwater Classic (it has served me well and will always be with me), I have decided to upgrade to my dream rod. 

She is a beauty isn’t she?

On Monday, I purchased a Loop Cross S1 9′ 4wt with a Loop Opti Creek reel.  Of course as soon as I received my rod/reel on Wednesday (extremely fast delivery and great customer service from Loop!) the water temps on my favorite local stream had to rise to dangerous levels making it impossible for me to fish the past few days.

If you don’t know why this is a problem click this Link.

Like a child, I could not keep myself from taking the rod out of its tube, slapping the reel on and heading to the back yard to throw some casts around. Even this came to a halt once my girlfriend got fed up with the strange stares coming from all of the neighbors.

So, I find myself LONGING for cooler waters.  This means several trips this coming week to spring fed creeks such as Valley Creek outside of Philadelphia and Spring Creek near State College, both of which are fed by several limestone feeder creeks that supplement these already trout-friendly flows with additional cold/clean water.  Although the warmer water temps in my local streams will mean a lot more gas money being spent, I’m looking forward to fishing these amazing, often overlooked, PA streams.  Both Spring and Valley Creeks are no kill zones and have an abundant brown (and rainbow in Spring Creek) trout population.  If you are in PA, these two streams are a must fish, and if you are just passing through the area, make sure to give yourself an extra day to fish these great fisheries!  (Did I mention we love Spring Creek!)

-Tight Lines-

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