Not Cool Dudes of the Week: Convicted Night Net Poachers killed 242 trout.


Vitaliy Kachinskiy, 23, from Mount Vernon, Sergey Otroda, 32, from Everett, Igor Bigun, 26, also from Everett, and Oleg Pavlus, 25, also from Everett.
These idiots were fined 4,100 and each received 20 days in the slammer.
It happened early April in Washington State, a time of year the Lahontan cutthroat gather in the shallows to attempt to spawn.
The convicted poachers pulled a pickup up to a boat launch in Lake Lenore. The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) officers on night duty saw them turn their lights off, leave and then return a few hours later. The four idiots got out of the truck and started loading nets and backpacks with trout. 242 Trout to be exact.
When confronted by the officers they tried to bolt. Two of them jumped into the lake and tried to swim away in the very cold water. One surrendered and the last attempted to flee in the vehicle.  Nice work by the WDFW Officers for being on top of it.  What a rediculous story.
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