Post Party Stream Report

It is August and yesterday we had a little CRO Crew trip (minus Radcock) to one of our favorite places in PA (see below).  Tyler from Natural Pursuit Outdoors joined Luke, Bobby and I for what would be another incredible day bringing wild colorful browns and a few bright pink bows to hand.  The weather was spectacular, even cold in the morning and the water was as it always is…flowing clear and cool.  This creek is as perfect as spring creeks come. You should get out and fish it. . . like now.  We laughed, we threw bugs, and landed an uncountable number of fish. Get out and fish it.  There is not much surface activity so fish subsurface.  Nymphing is a very effective tactic this time of year.  Use Pheasant Tails, Olive Caddis Larva and Zebra Midges in dark colors.  Scuds and Shrimp will work well too. The smaller the indicator the better if you choose to use one.  Best of luck and if you head out in the next week or two let us know how you do.

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