Provo River, Utah SLABS

The Provo River is located just outside Salt Lake City, Utah. This River has 3 sections, Upper, Middle, and Lower. I only got to experience the Lower Section of the Provo River which is a tail water, but I was completely satisfied. The top part of the Lower Provo (approximately 9 miles) has an average fish size of 18″ consisting of wild browns and wild rainbows. This extremely fast flowing River at this time of year has an amazing PMD (Pale Morning Dunn) and Caddis hatches. The scenery is second to none, huge mountains surround this river making it a site to behold.

The preferred method of fishing at this time is nymphing, although I was told September marks the time when throwing big streamers works extremely well. There is a ton of public access to this river especially the Lower Provo and unbelievably not a lot of anglers. There is however a lot of tubers/rafters floating down the river, but it can be welcomed if it is a raft full of women in bikinis in my eyes, even if they make you lose a fish.

I will get to the dirty: this river is absolutely sick and is nothing that I’ve ever experienced in my life. You can expect to lose at least 1/2 to 1/3 of the fish you hook up with, but there will be plenty of hook ups because there are a ton of fish that are fat, long and hungry. Most fish will jump out the water when hooked which gives that fisherman’s high when seeing a fish over 20″ leave the water with your fly in its mouth. The method of management on this stream is that fisherman can and are encouraged to keep two browns 15″ and smaller leaving the big fish to spawn and it seems to work extremely well. The fly shops near Salt Lake City were extremely unhelpful so don’t expect much from them. I caught fish using the knowledge I had, but got the most information from local fisherman that fish the river everyday. This could easily be a dream trip for any angler in search of big browns and rainbows that are very willing to eat the fly.

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