Testicle Crushing Fish Found In Sweden

Pacu Photo Courtesy of The Telegraph

Swedish men need to be a little more careful while swimming in the Oresund Sound these days.  The cause for alarm came early last week after a Pacu was caught!  KEEP ONE HAND ON YOUR BOYS!   You may be swimming in circles, but trust me… its not worth the risk!

Pacu are relatives of the Piranha and belong in the Amazon.  They typically feed on nuts (not your “nuts”), fruit and small fish.  “Twigs and Berries” aren’t on the menu EXCEPT when their food supply runs thin.  In the Amazon this isn’t an issue and the Pacu did not gain its “Ball Busting” reputation until it was introduced to Papua New Guinea.  Without any natural predators Pacu flourished and quickly ran out of their choice foods.  In search of food, the Pacu began munching on the “Family Jewels” of the locals as they bathed. 

The one and only, Jeremy Wade, unveiled this behavior during the episode of River Monsters titled “The Mutilator”.  This episode is worth the watch (as they all are!), but I must warn you it may be a little harder to sit through than most.  Here is a small clip from the episode…

Back to Sweden… Authorities are hoping that this was an isolated incident and that it isn’t anything to worry about at the moment.  However, if more Pacu start turning up it could become a serious issue.
For more on the latest Pacu catch, CLICK HERE

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