TOP TEN: Reasons you know you miss Steelhead Fishing in August

I miss winter steelheading.
So as I day dream about cold weather, bent rods and big fish I thought I would throw together a TOP TEN for all you fools.

TOP TEN: Reasons you know you miss Steelhead Fishing in August.

10.  You are yelling fish on to imaginary people every time you hook up with a trout.
9.  You are tying egg patterns in August.
8.  You tell your self that standing in cold pools is training for standing in cold steelhead rivers.
7.  You are bargain shopping on eBay for heated socks, and hand warmers.
6.  You wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat thinking you are late for a steelhead suicide run (midnight run to a steelhead stream).
5.  In the above mentioned dream a drunk guy with a Russian accent is shouting something and casting across your drift.
4.  You practice skipping breakfast and lunch to prepare you for those cold days when the fishing is too hot to leave the stream.
3.  You are refreshing yourself on the signs and symptoms of frost-bight.
2.  You make your youngest child pretend to be a caught steelhead as you practice your camera poses.
1.  You can’t think about doing anything but freezing your freaking but off while fishing for these incredible fish.

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