DO IT: The Fly Fishing Journal

Over the years I have been an inconsistent journaler.  I get the important days and events logged in but I don’t do it every day on the water (in fairness that would be a lot of days).  But I should.  I should journal every day I fish and you should too.  The simple truth of it is…journaling works.   When you journal you are creating your own personal/understandable resource that you can call upon whenever the weather, stream conditions, wind, bug life or fish throw you a curve ball.  If you fish enough and if you journal when you fish this resource will become as important to you as your fly box (well almost at least).  Everyone can search stream reports, water conditions, and fly patterns online.  All you need now days to get pointed in the right direction with your rod is an internet connection.  But all the information online can never duplicate the depth of information and the diverse variables you will be able to log in your journal.

Here are some things I jot down in my journal.

  • Weather (including morning low, afternoon high and wind.) 
  • Water conditions ( flow and temp)
  • Flies that failed
  • Flies that worked
  • Colors that seemed to get more attention
  • Fish Moved
  • Fish Caught
  • Location (streams, creeks, etc.)
  • Specific Location (pockets, runs, etc.)
  • Times (especially is a specific time really heated up with bug life or fish activity.)
  • Places for Food or River Soda.
  • Cool local fly shops

What kinds of things do you write in your journal?

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