Here’s to you and River Sodas

*Disclaimer stuff:  Pay attention to local laws, don’t drink and boat or drink and drive and don’t drink and wade.  21 and older only and be smart and safe.  The opinions of our authors do not necessarily reflect the thoughts and opinions of The CRO.  Enjoy the blog and your River Sodas responsibly.

There is no shame in refreshing yourself while you’re on the stream.  Take the time to enjoy yourself while you are out there, if the area you are fishing allows alcoholic beverages. These 12 or 16 ounce cans of refreshment can easily get you back in the right mindset or make it a good outing even if the fish are not biting. I say “cans” because they are easily crushed after they are empty and stored in your back pack, vest, or bag. Bottles take up way to much room so I tend to stay clear of bottles. Please do not litter, take all your stuff with you and leave the area exactly how it was when you got there. Remember do it responsibly, certain areas can be dangerous when wading so it may be in your best interest to not over indulge but by all means have fun. So here is to you mountains, river, stream and fish!

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