Cool People of Fly Fishing: Brian Mowers of Sedona Fly Fishing Adventures

Brian Mowers is the founding owner and a guide of Sedona Fly Fishing Adventures and he is one of the coolest dudes in the business.  Brian sports some sweet ink all the time and a slick CRO Crew Shirt on occasion which means he is the kind of fly fishing junkie we are a fan of.  Brian grew up close to us in central PA and cut his teeth on some of the most historic streams in the country. He is the kind of dude you want to fish with and book if you are in the Sedona, Arizona area. Check out his bio on the Sedona site here. 

Here is a blip from the Sedona Fly Fishing Adventures site:
If you’re looking for fishing in Sedona and Northern Arizona, look no further!  Sedona Fly Fishing Adventures is the ONLY locally owned and ONLY fully licensed Fly Fishing Guide Service, by the National Forest Service and Arizona Fish and Game, for Sedona’s beautiful Oak Creek Canyon and Verde Valley. Also serving Lee’s Ferry in Northern Arizona, Chevelon Creek, and Silver Creek in the White Mountains. Enjoy a Red Rock filled adventure as you team up for great fishing and stories to tell the grand kids! Reserve your spot today, Book it and Hook it!

Right on!  Definitely Book it and Hook it!
These dudes operate on some spectacular pieces of water.  I am always amazed and jealous of some of the settings Brian gets to sling bugs in.

Brian reppin the CRO Flies Crew shirt
Check out the Sedona guys on Facebook and Twitter.

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