Cool People of Fly Fishing: Owen Murphy and the OSD

from Ohio Steelhead Drifters
property of Owen Murphy

Ohio Steelhead Drifters (OSD) is owned and operated by Owen Murphy (we call him BOSS because of sick #fishporn like this).  Owen is one of the coolest dudes in the biz   Not only is Owen an awesome dude the whole OSD team is a collaboration of some of the best steelhead guides to be found.  Like Bob “Steelheading” White for instance.  Here is a tip…if the dude’s nickname is his own name with the word steelheading in quotes in the middle of it, the guy is the kind of sicko you want to fish with (and Bob…sicko is a high order compliment on this blog) If you have a desire to catch some slabs in Ohio’s Steelhead Alley, Owen is the guy to call. Check out his site here, follow him on twitter here and on Facebook here.  Seriously do it. Owen is the kind of guy you want to follow.

Owen teaches dogs awesome tricks
Read more about Owen and his team here.

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