Fishing with Whisky a Fly Rod and a Potato Gun

How does this only have 135 views on YouTube   It is a bit long, yes…but it builds into a drunken stupor of randomness that is usually an unavoidable hit on the interwebules.  THEY SHOOT A FLY LINE ACROSS A POND WITH A POTATO GUN!  You can’t look away and its great..and that is one huge bottle of Woodford Reserve.

What makes this video such a gem is that you can watch the logic form as it swirls through amber tinted fly fishing fuel and builds to a successful (barely, maybe, ???) finish.  Along the way this video is filled with gems like: “because whiskey helps these kind of projects” and “I hope the bait lasted” and “This is what we were fishing with by the way…I don’t care”  It gets more entertaining the longer the video goes.

Here is to you whiskey fishing guys, who combined great ingenuity, creative instinct and large amounts of fishing fuel to create a very entertaining video. If you are easily offended by swear words: do not watch the video.

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