Just a Tip: Headache avoidance during all day slam fests.

Yeah literally headaches.  This post is about headaches…the ones in your head.

We spend many days battling current, the elements and fish from dusk til dawn.  I’ll be honest it is hard to get a CRO off a stream once we are on it.  Our need to fish often overtakes other very important needs.  Like the need for cafine, water and food.  All of which we not only need to fight dehydration (although cafine doesn’t help in this area) and provide us with essential energy for a full day but this stuff also keeps our heads from feeling like they are going to explode.  
Very often at the end of a long day, when the fishing is done, the battle to fix our pounding headache is on.  
So here are some simple tips to fish all day and not end up with a distracting headache which will likely dampen your mood. 
Drink Water.  Lots of it and not the stuff from the stream or you will end up with another big problem.
Drink water before you head out, on the stream and after.  As much fun as cracking river sodas may be what you really need is water.
Pack snacks.  Nuts provide great energy and have essential fats that will help quench your hunger pains.  
Get a small waterproof pill container to carry some Tylenol with you.  While your at it throw in some Imodium so you don’t end up like our buddy Bruce…who recently: Hiked out a mile only to find someone had destroyed the porta potty.  Bruce then had to brave the storm, rush the portable jon to nab some TP only to return to the well traveled woods to find relief from his exploding guts.  It is always better to be prepared.

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