No Money, No Problems

I recently had to give some tying material  to Luke.  We met outside his house in the rain and he promptly told me to hurry up, his feet were getting wet.  I looked down to see he had shoes on so I said, “Really?”  To which he replied, “I have holes in my shoes.” 
 I laughed and called him a hobo.  
Yesterday after work Luke ran all over the place, buying last minute tying supplies and gear for his upcoming trip to NY.  Even while jumping from store to store it never even crossed his mind to buy a new pair of shoes.  Not even a consideration or thought bent toward the idea.  Shoes are not a priority.  Fly Fishing is more important.
We sacrifice things to do or fund our fly fishing addiction.
Maybe it’s money, maybe it’s a new pair of shoes, maybe it’s sleep, maybe it’s time.
When it comes down to it there are definitely things more important than fly fishing but the list is small.
Faith, Family, Friends. (I am drawing a blank on the rest of the list.)
When it comes down to it there are also definitely things less important than fly fishing and this list is long.
(everything else)
This is the life of a CRO.  
We scavenge!
We sacrifice!
  We go out of our way to make a last minute trip to Montana or NY.  We run around in shoes with holes in them but wade in top line technical boots.  We have bought tying materials with change found floating in our cars.  We cut material off frilly pillows and tie flies on the hoods of cars in 13 degree weather.  We will go a whole day without food if the fishing is great or even if it is just ok.  We will wake up at 1 in the morning and drive 6 hours to fish for 4 hours just to jump in the car and return home.  Maybe we are crazy.  The point is we don’t care if we are.
We are fly fishermen (and women) who won’t be confined to the constraints of average thinking or living.  In return we get to experience something so few get to experience.  We get to let our souls breathe in the life that swells around these marvelous places.

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