Pull Out Your Box

Before every trip and the start of every new season I pull out my fly boxes and sort through them.  There is nothing quite like fiddling through a box of flies, knowing these fancy looking things will be landing you fish while others stare in astonishment.  If you are a true CRO you have already scavenged enough information to know what flies (sizes/variations/patterns) will do the trick.  And if you know what flies will drop the hammer then sorting through your fly box is like some sort of self-gratifying personal exercise that will have you daydreaming about your next steps in water.  Its not fair my box is better than yours and sorting through it throughout the year will keep it that way.  
You should make a habit of sorting through your fly boxes too, because an organized fly box means less time between fly switches which could very well translate into you out-fishing your buddies.  
Organize by fly type, color, size.
Make sure while you are sorting through your fly box to toss any bent hooks and overly abused flies.  
This process will also help your vice sessions.  You will be more productive at the vice because you will have a better idea what flies you need and what sizes and colors you burnt through last outing.  Of course if you journal you will already have that information.   
So pull out your box(s) and get sorting.

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