Radcock Tipz – “Hatas gonna hate (on my gear)”

Unlike my country cousins from “the Skook” (Schuylkhill County, (if you know how to spell or say that, you’re probably from Philly (see #19) and its surroundings)), I travel a lot.  I travel back and forth across the country, and not in the comfort of a “meth lab”.

Thus, my luggage takes a beating.

Bags might fly free on Southwest, but no bag is immune from neglect and abuse.  Whether it is my quiver of skis, my golf clubs or my fly fishing gear, I am always taking a risk, but buying special luggage and protective casing is just not always an option, and really, lets be honest… –>

Okay, enough yip-yappin’ by me.  Here is a quick Radcock tip for keeping your gear fresh:

1. Find a thick piece of clothing, preferably a hoodie.  Here, I am wrapping it around my Brodin net.

2. Utilize the shape of the clothing to your advantage and match it to the shape of the gear.  Here, the hood wraps nicely over the net.
(“Liiiikke aaaaa glove.”)
3.  Secure the clothing tightly by knotting.  You will see below I used an advanced knot that you will never understand, so don’t even try to get on my level.  This snugness and security is important! (It’s the same snugness and security you still get from your baby blanky)  
Why you say?  Because after the TSA is finished violating you
in front of hordes of people in the security line, they will no doubt be rummaging through your bag behind the scenes and your gear may be moved to a precarious place within your bag.  Think they won’t look in your bag or that they actually care to put things back in place?  I’m willing to bet that your 8 Duck Dynasty and NRA T-shirts says they will.


4.  Tuck the newly secured gear in the middle of your bag, surrounded by other clothing and hope it stays there.  Add layers as needed depending on the fragility of your gear.

Don’t forget to represent and pack your CRO Flies T.

DISCLAIMER:  Assuming you can catch fish… do not repeat this method on the way home after your net is full of fish stink.  Use common sense.  Unless that’s the way your clothes already smell… then more power to ya.

And if you noticed in my bag that orange camo peeking out, you can read about it here.

(p.s. (Please excuse the excessive links (and the parentheses within parentheses within parentheses)))

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