The CRO Life

A Crow is a brilliant scavenger.  Recent studies have shown this bird can execute thinking that matches and even surpasses the brain of the chimpanzee.  They are now deemed as one of the smartest animals on the planet.  The crows acute memory steers him around trouble and his problem solving ability has him flourishing even in the toughest conditions.  You have heard his cries.  He has tore up your garbage.  You have seen them chasing and tormenting bigger, “prettier” birds of prey.  Crows are everywhere and they are the best at what they do.  When they fly together they are called a murder and it doesn’t get an badder than that. If you have time watch this PBS episode called A Murder of Crows.  Seriously watch it, because we are…you are…the murder of crows on the river.
Our name comes from the initials of our little brother Caleb Randolph Ott who passed away in a car accident in 2008. You can read about the start of this whole thing here.  Caleb was a brilliant kid (just 19 at the time of his passing.)  He was adventurous and he was strong and he loved life and people.  We knew we wanted this fly fishing biz to honor Caleb, and we knew an actual crow would be the perfect fit for our logo and name.

Why? Because…
We are the Catch and Release Obsessed.
We are the scavengers of the stream.
We can pick the jaw lines of fish out of pockets overlooked by others.
We are creative in binging success to our nets.
We outlast them, outsmart them and outwork them.
We are constantly learning, constantly studying.
and we have the back of the other CROs in our murder.
We are the CRO of fly fishing.

Someone once asked me what the CRO is all about.  My answer may seem dramatic but it is true.  The CRO has always been the support and promotion of a  way of fly fishing….a way of life.
Be a CRO.  Scavenge On!

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