Trip Fishing: Get on it.

Why is it CRO group photos almost always seem to happen outside of restrooms?

There is nothing like hitting the road with some friends/family for a couple of days to do some fishing.  Here are my top 10 reasons you should start to plan a getaway with your fishing bros.  If you need help contact us we can point you in the right direction without you having to break the bank. (If you need more reasons to get on it after reading this post check this out.)

10. It has been said that the journey matters more than the destination.  It’s hard to buy into that one if you are a fly fisherman, because our destinations are the bomb.  That being said, on a fly fishing trip the journey to and from the destination is one filled with all kind of road warrior fun.
9.  You are a much better person when you have something to look forward to.
8.   Fly fishing from dawn to dusk days in a row will help you appreciate much more than just the catch.
7.  For some reason these trips will bring out the humorous side of everyone.
6.  If you are traveling with family you may get a little salty with each other but you will always head home with a deeper relationship.  
5.  Your loved ones at home won’t have to witness your cranky self trying to work through a hangover at 4:30 in the morning as you drag yourself to the water.
4.  When spending a couple of days focused on an area or body of water you will learn more than you can learn reading magazines, books or blogs…about yourself, the water and the fish.
3.  There will be a moment that will make all of the time and money you spend worth it.
2.  The memories you will create will carry you through the time between opportunities to fish.
1.  You be happier than this dude cutting a rug. 

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