“Trout Ninja” Chums in Carp

I almost feel bad about posting this guy’s stuff and then slamming him…but then I get over it.

“CATCH OR DIE” from Trout Ninja’s fb page

The guy is enthusiastic and passionate.  He does stuff with his son.  He is creative.  Those are the positives and those positives cover a multitude of sins…but not chumming for fish.
I can’t stand it. I cannot stand watching or hearing about this dude chumming.  There are so many other ways to find and catch fish. Like try just observing, fly rod in hand, reading the water and looking for fish.  But nope, the Trout Ninja lazily walks around a pond with his fish finder “the kind  you use from the shore” and then chucks “juiced up corn” and sinking trout bait into the water.

Fortunately this fish was able to work loose before being grabbed by the gills.

There are some very effective ways to catch carp with a fly rod without chumming or lowering the ethical chase of catch and release fly fishing.  Do it but do it right.  For more information on fly fishing for carp…follow a real “Carp Stalker”  on twitter.  His name is Eric Corya.  Eric is a awesome dude and one of the good guys in the fly fishing world.  Did I mention he has landed over 1,500 carp on the fly doing it the right way.  Eric is an Indiana Fly Fishing Guide and can be found at wildcatcreekoutfitters.com so if you are in the Indiana area look him up.  Some day we will do a full post on Eric and his carp shenanigans but for now just book the dude.

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