Beards are Good for Your Health

I saw this image floating around Facebook last November.  A friend of mine was using it as his growth inspiration.  More and more people let their face be as God intended them to be each year…full of bearded goodness.  It seems like facial hair experimentation seems to be driven by trend, so we thought it would be important to show you some of the more reasonable reasons (yeah we just did that) to grow your own scarf.  

A recent Study published in a scientific journal showed that beards block 90 to 95 percent of UV rays.
Beards reduce your risk for skin cancer (at least for areas covered by hair).
Beards slow the aging of your skin (your wife should be thanking you for growing a beard).
Your beard also acts as a natural filter for pollen, dust and other contaminants that may bum you out.
A beard will protect you against the wind and can retain important moisture.  
Check out a full article on it here.

If you need help growing your beard you can find support at or you can just let your face alone.  It knows how to handle the situation without you.

Don’t forget to join the bearded fun in the fly fishing community by participating in Loon Outdoors Novembeard competition.

Print this out and show it to your wife if she complains.  Oh and don’t worry, beards provide slap padding.

Get Growing.

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