Fly Fishing Gift Guide 2013

Stay tuned for the new fly tyer’s gift guide.

1.  A CRO Flies shirt.  Designed and Printed by us.  Limited supplies available so get yours now.
2.  BUFF we love buff stuff.  We recommend getting one of the Bug Slinger Collection or on of the cold weather buffs for the steelheader in your life.
3.  LOOP REEL – This is a big one but will have you go down as the greatest gift giver of all time.  Pick your loved one up a Loop Opti Reel and they will love you forever. Get the DRY FLY model if your loved one is a trout fisher. You could contact the incredible people at loop and ask them which model would work for best for the person you are shopping for.  Great customer service at Loop!
4.  Simms Nippers – These will be released very soon and your fly fisher is going to want this brand new product.  Simms has a ton of great products.  You can’t go wrong buying someone a Simms gift.
5.  For the beginner fly fisher or someone just getting started pick up the Loop Incite Kit.
6.  Angler’s Image Magnetic Fly Box We are becoming addicted to these fly boxes.  They are a low cost awesome gift.  We pick ours up from Fish USA but you can also get them at Cabelas.
7.  A gift card to a local fly shop.  This is a perfect way to shop small, support the local fly fishing economy and allow your loved one to get whatever they want.
8.  Simms Rogue Fleece Hoody – The CRO guys love their Rogue Hoodies and where them everywhere.  This will be their favorite piece of clothing.
9.  Custom tied Flies – There are a ton of awesome tyers out there you could contact to have tie you up some custom flies.  We do it and so do many others.  If you would like us to tie something for you contact us at  If not us we recommend our two favorite tyers Aileen Ellis of MK Flies and and Dean Myers.  You could also contact Autumn Siren Flies or a number of others you can find with a simple google search.  
10.  Beginners Fly Tying KitOrvis has a great one or you could get a much cheaper one from a store like Cabelas or Bass Pro.

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