Fly Tying Hook Bowl

My magnetic hook bowl is my new favorite tying friend.  Nothing is worse than spilling hooks on your living room floor during a tying session.  I have done it.  I have spent hours looking for hooks, hoping and praying my wife doesn’t find a stray one the next morning.  I have even shuffled around the floor hoping a missing hook would catch my foot rather than have one of my children step on one. For a long time I was banned to the annex of the dining room.  Tying alone.  Not anymore.  This little magnetic bowl, made for mechanics, has a very strong magnet on the bottom of it, preventing hooks from flying around my crowded work space.  You can pick one up from us  and they are not expensive.  Add one to your tying gear, It will come in handy when tying on road trips, crowded tying tables or when you just want to stay out of trouble.

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