New Simms Gear For Spring 2014

Simms posted their 2014 product line on the website for you to check out.  Simms claims (as you can see in the image) that this is their most ambitious launch to date.  I am not sure if I agree with that.  I think launching a $800.00 wader with a zipper down the front to make urinating a cinch (literally) was pretty ambitions.  Who would have know that the G4z waders would be such a huge success.  We will be reviewing the G4z waders in the near future.  Back on point.  This launch, while likely not their most ambitious, is a huge launch none the less.  They are making a splash in sling pack department (I literally cannot wait to get one of their sling packs).  They have finally provided an option to the very good but very pricey Abel line of pliers and nippers and the best part is these are actually priced the way pliers and nippers should be priced.  Did I mention they have some insane innovations (this is what they are known for right) in jackets and wearable technical garb.  To top it all off they have made some slick improvements to their website for your ordering convenience.  
Go ahead blow off some office time and click through the 5 pages of awesomeness called the Simms Spring 2014 line.  

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