New York Salmon River Conditions: Take a Day a Go.

Luke with a Salmon River Brown

Talked to Luke this morning who made a trip to the Salmon River of New York to do some fishing today.  His one day trip could not have fell on better conditions.  So as Luke is wrangling big browns and fresh steelhead I will take this moment, while sitting in my living room, to tell you how great the conditions are.  You should take a day trip right now.  Make it happen.
The water temp is about 40 degrees
CFS are at 500
It looks like it scheduled to go up to 900 CFS tomorrow night.
So get out there this evening or tomorrow.
It is a scheduled dam release to 900 (although these things can change) so things should be back to around 500 by Monday.  Should!?!? With a fresh push of chrome cruising in.  

You can always get Salmon River reports from Whitakers ( a Pulaski fly shop) here. Conditions and flow seem to be ideal for chasing chrome on the stream, this also means that tons of people will be rolling out their line so  be prepared to see tons of people. Behave yourself.

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