Rewind: October’s Must Read Posts

Here is a little rewind action in case you missed some of the must read posts in October:

Most importantly this is THE CRO life.
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Three Awesome People were spotlighted in the Cool People Of Fly Fishing Posts.  Read about Owen from OSD, Brian Mowers from Sedona Fly Fishing Adventures and Aileen from MKFlies.

Yip-skiddley-Do:this dude gets knocked out by a beer…while in a boat and its on video.  May it serve as a reminder to treat River Sodas with the respect they deserve.

We are gearing up for steelhead…Get excited. If you want to try steelheading drop us an email and we can get you

On that subject here are the top 10 reasons you should take a trip.
We also posted some sweet videos here, here and here.

There where also a ton of battle fishing posts as Luke headed to Pulaski, NY and Radcock headed to Montana.  Opposite worlds in so many ways.

And those are just small glimpses of a very crazy month at the CRO.

Thanks for being a part of the CRO CREW!  
Send us you pics and tell us your stories….we love to hear about the adventures of our friends.

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