Ted Williams Fly Fishing (in honor of the Red Sox Win)

Fly Fishing and Baseball. While we are die hard Phillies fans…Luke and I are also Boston Red Sox Fans.  The fly fishing side of me is a New Englander so I wanted to say congrats to all of our friends who are die hard Sox fans. I am sure Sarge’s in Rangeley was going crazy during the series and rightfully so.  In honor of the Sox winning the series I thought I would post about one of the greatest Red Sox who ever lived.  Ted Williams memeber of MLB’s Hall of Fame and the IGFA Fishing Hall of Fame. If you have an extra 800.00 floating around you can even buy one of the flies he tied.  

Here is a 30 minute show about Ted Fly Fishing for Atlantic Salmon.

Ted Williams and the Atlantic Salmon from Martin Pitts on Vimeo.

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