The Fly Fishing Journal II

So, we have discussed the importance of keeping a fly fishing journal in the past (Click Here to go back and give it a read), and for those of you who have been following us for awhile know how much we appreciate art.  In fact, you probably have figured out how much we believe that art, fly fishing and life all intertwine with one another.  Today’s post is just another example of just that.

My colleague, and fellow art teacher, Rachel Watts had some spare time during her prep/planning period the other day and was looking for a reason to make a hand made book.  I, being the brilliant man that I am, of course jumped at the opportunity to take advantage of Rachel’s free time!  I told her she is more than welcome to make me a fly fishing journal… gave her the dimensions that I wanted… and off she went.

This is what she came up with…

I was thrilled with it.  I love the illustrations, its the perfect size, and it holds a pencil.  We may even be lucky enough to have some of these handmade fly fishing journals available for sale in the future.  In the meantime you can check out Rachel’s website on etsy by clicking HERE!

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