Fly Fishing Gifts Under $30

UNDER $30: GUIDE NUMBER 2 for 2013

Looking for a stocking stuffer or do you have a gift exchange with a price limit.  Maybe you are just trying to save some cash this Christmas.  Here are our favorite gifts for under 30 bucks.

1.  Tippetac – Check out their website. Only $10.95 and sold at Feather-Craft (they have great customer service). This is an incredible innovation after all we only have 2 hands and a mouth to switch double nymph setups.  Now you don’t have to hang a hook of a zipper or on an eyelet of your rod. Brilliant! (I’ll take 2 if your shopping for me!)

2.  Loon Outdoors Floatant and Sinket – At around $5.00 a product this is stuff every fly fisher needs.  Loon’s tag line is “Fishing with a Conscience” and we love the fact that they put out products that are the best and protect the water and fish we love.  I highly recommend picking up Loon Dust and Top Ride!!!

3.  Loop Tippet Dispenser – $29.00 The word on the stream is that this tippet dispenser is the best there is.  It was brought back by popular demand so the joy of using this thing must make loading your spools onto it well worth the effort.  Plus it is a Loop product and they are the coolest company out there.  Hit up Loop USA or Feather-Craft to pick up yours.

4.  One of our T-shirts (we are running out fast.) $19.99  These t-shirts are printed on Next Level Tri-Blend blanks and are the most comfortable shirts we have ever put on.  People that don’t even fish have ordered them just because “they like the way they feel”  Be a part of the CRO Crew.

5.  H & H Outfitters Trucker Hat – The Get Out There Hat is Sick.  At $24.95 it is a great hat to make next years fishing hat.  They sell shirts and we sell shirts but who cares we are “cool like that” when it comes to mentioning a company that represents the right stuff and puts cool products out there.  We can all get a long and you need as much cool swag as you can fit in your drawers.  

6.  C & F Magnetic Fly Patch – $23.95 It is the 2nd greatest magnet idea we have ever heard of.  Here is the first.  Pick yours up here. Yes we love magnets and we can’t explain why we are obsessed.  

7.  CRO Flies Hook Bowl – Whether you tie flies or not this is a useful and powerful magnetic bowl that will make managing your flies and hooks a cinch.  Bonus – your kids and pets will appreciate not having to find your lost fly or hook with their foot.  BUY ONE.  Use it to hold hooks while working on the vise or just use it to manage your flies while you reorganize your fly boxes for your next big outing.  Fill it up and hold it upside down the flies stay in the bowl! 

8.  Simms Flask or Knife from Fly Shack – Fly shack is running a killer sale right now.  The Simms Flask is only $19.49 and the Simms Knife is only $29.95.  You won’t find a better deal anywhere which isn’t a surprise because that is how the Shack rolls.  Ps. We buy their Saber Hooks by the hundreds.  They are the best hooks for the price you can find.

9.  Float Master Indicators – These indicators are awesome.  They don’t kink your line.  Depth adjustment is a cinch and you can make them your own with some slick fine point sharpie work.    We wrote about them here.  Order them through the float master website.

10.  Give Back – Project Healing Waters – Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing, Inc is dedicated to the physical and emotional rehabilitation of disabled active military service personnel and disabled veterans through fly fishing and associated activities including education and outings.  They do incredible work.  Fly fishing changes lives and your gift on behalf of the fly fisherman or woman you love is a great way to share the joy this holiday season past your own living room to people who have given so much for us through their service.   Give a gift that shows you care.  Donate now.

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