Free Online Magazine and it’s Awesome

If you haven’t heard about this yet…let me just say, in advance: You’re Welcome!

The Montana Fly Fishing Magazine released its newest online issue and it is spectacular.   CHECK IT OUT HERE.

JB McCollum has a big segment of the mag sharing many of his images from last season. (check him out here)  The dude is a master with the lens.
Here is a screenshot from the magazine and one of JB’s contributions.  

This edition of the magazine also includes:
Artist Interview: Mimi Matsuda
Pat Sraub puts together a sweet article on The Gallatin River.
Robert Prince writes a “must read” article on Streamer Fishing.
…and so much more.

So do yourself a favor and waste an hour of your office time flipping through the 132 pages of awesomeness.  You deserve it.

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