Hank Patterson will be Paralyzing

Let’s lighten the mood around here…

From Hank’s Tumbler

Hank is hysterical.  You have probably seen most if not all of his videos, but did you know there is so much more to this dude?  To start check out his website.

What I am really looking for is Hanks colaboration with Trout Unlimited called “Hank Patterson’s Reel Montana Adventure” Videos should be rolling out soon and a full feature “documentary” is supposed to drop in the spring of 2014.   I imagine this being fly fishing’s version of “Best of Show” the mocumentary about showing dogs…but better.  Why you ask? Because Hank is simply that good.  Looks like we will have a lot to laugh at in the near future.
For now check out “Hank Patterson’s Holiday Extravaganza”:

UPDATE: Follow Hank on Facebook for tips like this: The first time your guides freeze up on a cold, cold winter outing, the fastest, most efficient way to de-ice them is urine… The 2nd time your guides freeze up on a cold winter outing, get a friend to help you out unless you want urine all over your gloves. Snap It! -Hank

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